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Light Up the Room..

When you talk in front of a group, do you “light up the room”? Or do you struggle to inspire people? Having charisma is essential for creating a good impression in these situations, and it is something that you can learn. Charisma is a collection of traits and behaviors that make you appeal to other… Read More »

Your Work Experience Matters During Your MBA

Your Work Experience Matters During Your MBA

Many of the best B-Schools these days expect their students to have some prior work experience. This is because MBA colleges in Gujarat and other cities design their curriculum with the aim to enhance the expertise and knowledge a management professional has learned while in the workforce. There are several benefits that work experience will… Read More »

Be A Master At Event Management With Wizcraft M.I.M.E

6 June

Everybody wants to celebrate achievements and special occasions, across every city, region and country. This is why the event industry plays a preeminent role in creating eventful experiences for both corporate and personal occasions. The dynamic nature of this industry requires equally dynamic and enthusiastic professionals that can design and execute memorable events. The best… Read More »

Scope Of BBA In International Business

Scope Of BBA In International Business

There is never a shortage of demand in the world of management. So it comes as no surprise that a huge number of students pursue a Bachelors In Business Administration. The three year course offers the understanding that students need to plan, organize, and control organizational operations. With the onset of globalization, various BBA colleges… Read More »

I, Me and My Teen in Social Media

Adolescence is a time of unprecedented cognitive and physical growth and vivid experiences of new ideas, feelings, and ambitions. It’s a period of intense learning and development, but it is also a high-risk period for impulsive behavior, and for the onset of mental health and substance use disorders. It’s not unusual for young people to… Read More »

Indian Capital Markets – Opportunities and Challenges

The Indian Economy is a developing mixed economy ranked as the third largest by purchasing power parity and sixth largest by nominal GDP. With an average growth of 6 to 7 % annually, the Indian Economy is one of the world’s fastest growing major economy. Due to young population, low dependency ratio, healthy savings and… Read More »

Top Seven Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Subjugate In 2018-19

Machine Learning Platforms (Environment) A platform for automating and accelerating the delivery lifecycle of predictive applications capable of processing big data using machine learning or related techniques.” Now a  days, computers can also easily understand, and they can be extraordinary intelligent! Machine learning (ML)  is a subset of artificial intelligence in the field of computer… Read More »

Role of Mentor in Holistic Development of Mentee

ABOUT MENTORSHIP Effective mentoring relies on positive relationships that are developed in a professional manner. The mentor is, by the nature of their role, in a position of trust, authority and influence as friend, philosopher and guide. Mentoring is a long term commitment between mentor and mentee and ensures physical, mental, vital and spiritual development… Read More »

Hospitality Management That Transforms You With International Experience

Hospitality Management That Transforms You With International Experience

A student’s education isn’t complete inside the classroom; professional internships are where they can apply theory to practice. This kind of practical education amongst industry professionals allow students pursuing a hotel management course in Gujarat the advantage that many don’t have. The Hospitality Management students at AURO University have done an internship in France and… Read More »

Supporting Entrepreneurship In India

India for the first time moved into the top 100 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business global rankings. The recent surge in entrepreneurship in India is a clinching proof of its huge enterprising potential. However, there is still a lot of untapped potential among people especially youth. If harnessed properly, this potential can… Read More »