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An Insight to Big Data and its Applications

As we know that digitization is one of boon of 21st century technologies. With the mass storage of digital information and development of internet based technologies like cloud computing, researcher interest has been increased in Big Data and its security. The term Big Data refers to the huge amount of digital information. Actually, Big Data… Read More »

Career Opportunities in Civil Aviation

The implementation of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG) started in India during 1991 and civil aviation was one of the sectors that were promoted through LPG. During the next few years, India witnessed a rapid growth in the civil aviation sector and this growth continued resulting in a wide range of career opportunities for students… Read More »

Indian Capital Markets – Opportunities and Challenges

The Indian Economy is a developing mixed economy ranked as the third largest by purchasing power parity and sixth largest by nominal GDP. With an average growth of 6 to 7 % annually, the Indian Economy is one of the world’s fastest growing major economy. Due to young population, low dependency ratio, healthy savings and… Read More »

Top Seven Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Subjugate In 2018-19

Top Seven Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Subjugate In 2018-19

Machine Learning Platforms (Environment) A platform for automating and accelerating the delivery lifecycle of predictive applications capable of processing big data using machine learning or related techniques.” Now a  days, computers can also easily understand, and they can be extraordinary intelligent! Machine learning (ML)  is a subset of artificial intelligence in the field of computer… Read More »

Role of Mentor in Holistic Development of Mentee

ABOUT MENTORSHIP Effective mentoring relies on positive relationships that are developed in a professional manner. The mentor is, by the nature of their role, in a position of trust, authority and influence as friend, philosopher and guide. Mentoring is a long term commitment between mentor and mentee and ensures physical, mental, vital and spiritual development… Read More »

Supporting Entrepreneurship In India

India for the first time moved into the top 100 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business global rankings. The recent surge in entrepreneurship in India is a clinching proof of its huge enterprising potential. However, there is still a lot of untapped potential among people especially youth. If harnessed properly, this potential can… Read More »

IT – Rainbow of Technical Life

IT – Rainbow Of Technical Life

IT – Rainbow of Technical Life With the advancement of human race, has led to many revolutions and discoveries among which technical revolution has changed the way of life and took world and human races to a different dimension. With emergence of technical revolution in the 20th century, have led a new way of thinking… Read More »